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truthietuesday: Are you suffering from Glitter Envy?

I live in an incredible neighborhood.  It showcases historic homes from every decade, huge trees and brick lined streets.  A 15 minute dog walk usually becomes a 30 minute jaunt as I get lost looking at all the different styles of architecture from small cottages to grand homes that speak of the oil and cattle tycoons who built them in the early 1900’s.


I love my home.  It is a late 40’s, two-story red brick traditional that sits on a corner lot.  Clean.  Traditional.  Not-fussy.  Lots of windows.  Comfortable.


My style… or so I thought.


And then there was this Christmas party put on by my block.


It’s a progressive kind of affair: one home kicks it off with appetizers and cocktails, the next home serves the main course, and then the final home offers up sweet treats and more cocktails.


The three homes this year were are some of the “grander” homes I mentioned earlier.  And the interiors were better than I imagined…


Absolute perfection.  Delicious.  Estately.  Luxurious.   Indulgent.  Jaw-dropping.  I could go on and on and on…


Thankful was I for the rounds of cocktails so no one would notice the constant stream of drool that kept gathering on my chin.


Close to 11:00, my husband and I walked down our street and back to our house.


Despite a few glasses of wine, I couldn’t help but notice the cracked saltillo tiles on our kitchen floor, the shabby couches in my den and my ceilings which seemed lower than usual.


I plopped down on my shabby couch and the scenes of the evening flashed through my head: marble floors, quartz counter tops, antiqued brass everything, more marble, more quartz, oriental rugs, vaulted ceilings, designer furniture…


I was suffering from glitter envy.


Glitter Envy: a condition in which one envies their neighbor’s glitter  (just in case you were confused.)


I went to bed with a Restoration Hardware magazine and some ice water.  I also made a mental note to call a contractor in the morning to see if anything could be done to raise our ceilings.


The next morning, a fresh wash of sun beaming through the quirky porthole window above my bed awoke me from my slumber.  I laid there and looked around at my bedroom with it’s lofty feel.  I remembered there, snug and warm in my bed, that I really loved this bedroom.


I loved this room, and I loved my house because it wasn’t grand.


I rolled over and tossed the RH magazine on the floor.  This is the house I fell in love with three years ago.  This is my home.  I am comfortable here.  I home school here.  I raise children here.  I make memories here. I cook dang good food in my kitchen–cracked tiles or not. I have read a lot of books and watched a lot movies with my family on those shabby couches.  This is my happy place.


Just because it doesn’t glitter doesn’t mean it’s not gold.


Until next time… Peace. Love. & Truth.


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8 Replies

    1. I love it when you come over!

  1. Neal Nossaman

    This is my favorite of your posts so far, because your home (I didn’t say house) is beautiful for all of the reasons you just mentioned. But it was a fabulous block party!

    1. Thank you! …and yes it was!!! 🙂

  2. Michelle

    Y’all have definitely made it an exquisite HOME! Y’all have big hearts! I love your home!

  3. Sonja Roberts

    I love this reminder-I will be grateful for what I have! My home, my family, my friends-all from The Lord!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it Sonja–yes, it is a good reminder for all of us. 🙂

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