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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & What’s the Point?

Hi friends.


I often get asked what is the point of my blog.


And to be honest, that is the one question with which I’ve struggled.

I can whip out a pretty snarky and seemingly intelligent response for most any question thrown my direction….


…but please don’t ask me why I blog.  Just don’t.


I am not selling a product.


I don’t particularly like to keep my posts under the 1000 word limit.


The email notifications I receive telling me that someone has unsubscribed isn’t exactly thrilling–not to mention the painfully awkward moment when you run into that someone at the grocery store who proceeds to tell you how much they love your blog, ahem…


And as a home school mom, domestic CEO, avid reader, and serious knitter, there isn’t a lot of free time for things that don’t reach out and grab me by the heart.


So why do you blog–what is the point?


Great questions–questions I have asked myself on more than one occasion.


Good Lord Melody–why are you doing this???


My last writing venture prior to blogging was a 400,000 word YA novel that I hand wrote prior to typing it up.  I shopped it to quite a few agents, received some very positive feedback but never was able to sell it.


When you commit to something of that magnitude and then it ends up parked in the back of a dark, musty cabinet, it’s hard to make yourself reach for the pen again.


I needed a break.  I had spent nine months gathering up many years’ worth of ideas, characters and plots and penning them into a book series.


It was like carrying a baby to full term only to watch it die.


I had given up mothering another novel for a very long time–maybe even forever.


And then one day out of nowhere, the idea of blogging crept onto my radar.


It seemed innocent enough.  Write a little every few weeks and send it out into the public for others to read.  It seemed easy.  It seemed like a very noncommittal approach to writing.


Where novel writing is a long term affair with pen and paper, blogging is merely flirting with words.


Before I knew it, I had learned how to navigate wordpress and I found myself writing once again.


And now two years later, I can answer the question: “Why do you blog?”


I started blogging because I live with a deep need to frame up life through words.  Sometimes I don’t even know what I think about things until the words begin to flow from my pen.


Blogging put me back into touch with the thing I love the most: writing.


Through this blog and the one before it, I have learned that sometimes the point of things isn’t so much the end result as is the journey.


Currently, I am reading a book series that is shockingly identical to the first novel that I wrote.  So much so, it challenged me to reconsider writing another novel…that is, after I quit crying and feeling utterly sorry for myself.


And as this year winds down, I am planning and plotting to pen a new chapter in January–both literally and figuratively.


So while I thought I was blogging for you guys, it turns out I was really blogging for me. The point was to get me writing again.


It worked, and this blog no longer feels necessary.  It has served it’s purpose, and I am grateful for what it has taught me.


So thank you to all of my dear followers who have read, commented, emailed me and shared my work for others to read.  This will be my last post but definitely not my last endeavor.  …I’ll always be writing.  🙂


So Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and as always… Peace. Love. & Truth.



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12 Replies

  1. Jim Davis

    I always enjoy your work no matter what it is. I look forward to seeing what the New Year may bring. Blessing to you, Scott and all the Family

    1. Thank you Jim. 🙂 Blessings to you and Lezlie.

  2. Sonja Roberts

    Awe-I’m sorry you won’t be writing your blog anymore. It sounds like it served its purpose for you. Prayers for you during the nes year.

  3. Michelle

    Oh wow! You ARE doing this! Way to go, Melody!!! So excited for you & this step of faith! I am rejoicing with you & oh so proud of you! This goes along with that verse this morning!!! 🎵God’s in the mood to do a miracle 🎶 Can’t wait to see it!

    1. Lol… thanks Michelle.

  4. Kenneth

    I will miss your blog. But I’m more glad that you will still be writing. You have a lot of talent so whatever you do I know it will be good.

    1. Thank you Kenneth. 🙂

  5. Nice! Way to go, and I’ll be cheering you along the whole way. Can’t wait to read what you send out NEXT!!

    1. Awwww Merry–you’re the best!!!! 🙂

  6. Carla Snider

    Your thought provoking blog will be missed. Praying God will continue to bless you and your family and your future writing endeavors.

    1. Thank you so much Carla. 🙂

  7. Virginia Pennington

    You’re such an inspiration to many including me. Whatever you do is always with class and much talent! Love you much

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