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Have You Read Your Scroll? (Part II)

Hi friends…


I am back to finish the story I began a few weeks ago.

If you haven’t read the last post, you can find it here: Have You Read Your Scroll? (Part I) 


Last time, I wrote about identity, the scrolls in Heaven, and people who have read them.  I also promised to share my experiences.


So after reading about various individuals who have read their scrolls, I decided that I would like to read mine.


Who wouldn’t?


But before I could open myself to such an experience, I had to deal with the “religious rules”.


You know the ones…


1.) Heaven and Jesus are for the sweet by and by after we die.

2.) Traveling around in your spirit is a New Age abomination!

3.) Scrolls…? What scrolls…?


You laugh.  But we both know I’m right.


So I had to consider that maybe the religious teachings and mindsets passed down from generation to generation by well meaning folks might be, for lack of a better word, limited.


The lyrics of a beloved hymn (that I grew up singing by the way) demonstrate the dominant mindset within the church:


The Old Gospel Ship

I have good news to bring
And that is why I sing,
All my joys with you I will share.
Well I’m gonna take a trip
On the good old gospel ship
And go sailing through the air.

Well I’m gonna take a trip
On the good old gospel ship;
I’m going far beyond the sky.
Well I’m gonna shout and sing,
Until the heavens ring,
As I’m bidding this world goodbye.

Oh I can scarcely wait,
I know I’ll not be late.
For I’ll spend all my time in prayer
And when my ship comes in,
I will leave this world of sin
And go sailing through the air.


I am in no way making fun of the above hymn (even though I might be chuckling just a little bit because I know this song by heart…). The author was excited about going to Heaven as we all should be.


But if given the choice between those waiting until they die to catch their ship to Heaven and those who are going to Heaven now–in this life…I would go with the latter group.


Seriously, it’s this kind of Heaven-in-the-afterlife-mentality that has caused us all to survive church with the hopes that in 80 years when we die, we will end up in our personal mansion down the street of gold from Jesus’ mansion inside our pearly gated community.


It goes something like this:  Get saved.  Repent.  Get baptized.  Go to church for 80 years and try to live right.  Die.  Get to go to Heaven and see Jesus.


In theory it’s great (well kind of…), but the church is losing a lot of people during those 8 decades of waiting for the sweet by and by in the sky.


But if I told you that you could sit next to Jesus now, wouldn’t the idea of being a disciple, a friend, of Jesus seem much more relevant, beautiful and tangible?  If I told you that every resource you ever needed was already set aside in your name and was available to you, I am betting you would be much more interested in that reality than buying a ticket for the good old gospel ship.


We don’t look for our identity in the One who created us, but rather we search in all of the wrong places such as the gym, fashion magazines, corporate ladder, etc because no one told us that we could actually go into Heaven and find out what the Creator planned for our lives?


We have compartmentalized our physical existence on earth apart from our spiritual existence.    (It’s not your fault–it’s what we have all been taught.)


Can I suggest to you that we were created to go into Heaven and bring it back to Earth?


But religion has barricaded our access to Heaven. 


Religion tells us that “we will get there one day”.  Religion divides Heaven and Earth.


Religion has robbed us of authentic experience, and even worse, our true identity. Click To Tweet


But I digress.


Back to my experience after years of struggling with identity and purpose–and as a follower of Christ, nonetheless.


I am like most of you.   I have a normal life.  I was raised in a good church and in a good family, but I have also walked through my fair share of trials, heartache and struggles.


I love my family more than life.  And I want to make sure I am on the right track putting my heart, soul and energy toward the right things–the things I was meant to do.


But I had to make a choice.  I could stick with the status quo or dare to believe there might be more to this Christian life.


So I believed.


One morning, during my quiet time with Jesus, I decided this would be the morning.  I believed that there was a scroll with my name on it.  I believed that it couldn’t be that difficult of a thing to see or experience because if it were, then no one could access it.  And I followed the protocol outlined in Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson.  (Many people have talked about going into the courts of Heaven.  He is the only person I know of who actually takes this truth and teaches it so the rest of us can understand.)


A big part of this experience was that I honestly believed it was for me.  I used faith.


The following is an excerpt is from my journal after my coffee-with-Jesus time that morning:


“…I asked the angel if I could see my scroll.  He waited for the judge to speak.  I heard: ‘Yes but you must be careful to do all that is written in it’.  The angel extended a large ornate looking scroll in my direction, and I took it.  Once I did, it went inside of me and became part of my person. (difficult to explain…) I left the courtroom and entered a long hall where there was a bench.  I sat down on the bench and began to read my scroll.  When I had the intention of reading it, it was immediately there before me.  And I began to read…”


A few things I want you to take from this…

  • This was not the entirety of my experience but enough to share without getting too personal.
  • This was NOT some kind of weird, creepy out of body experience.  (And no, I did not sip on red kool-aid with aliens.)
  • I simply sat in prayer and meditation with my eyes closed.  I was still, quiet and expectant.  I asked the Author of my scroll to take me up to where He was and where my scroll was, and, again, I believed he would.
  • There was a definite shift when I was able to see clearly the experience I shared.  It was just as real as the computer on which I am typing.  My body was still in my living room, but my spirit had engaged the spirit realm of Heaven.


It was simple.  It was peaceful.  It was amazing.  The presence of Love was all encompassing. It is something I desire to do again.


Oh and my scroll…it said exactly what I already suspected about my destiny.  It confirmed the things I have held in my heart since a child.



Nothing in my scroll was a surprise!


And look, you don’t have to have an experience like mine to validate your spiritual journey.  There are people who do stuff like this all the time–the supernatural is their “natural”.  My experience is just a tiny scratch on the surface.


I shared what I have in hopes to get you thinking–to consider, to ponder, to take another look at scripture.  My job is not to teach you these things.  This is what the Holy Spirit does, and he certainly doesn’t need my help!


The way I see it… we can continue on with “church” as normal or we can explore the possibility that there might be a whole lot more to our life on Earth than we ever imagined (or were ever taught in Sunday school).  I’ve decided that I am going to continue on my new adventure and keep exploring.  Don’t worry–I will write all about it. 🙂


You, however, are not in the realm of the flesh but are in the realm of the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God lives in you.     -Romans 8:9a NIV



Please feel free to comment.  I love to hear from my readers.


As always… Peace. Love. & Truth.





Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson

Podcasts by The Praying Medic & Company of Burning Hearts

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  1. No thanks on the red Kool-Aid but yes on the New Wine and digging deeper into the spiritual realm and all of its goodies. Thanks, Melody!

  2. Michelle

    LOVE this! It makes me want to read Henderson’s book. Thank you for sharing, Melody.

  3. Kayjay

    Picked up the book today! There has to be more to the redeemed, sanctified life than “church”. Seeking still!

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