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Feeling Stuck?

Well… after my last series To Church or Not to Church, I thought I would write about something lighter, something funnier.

But I thought and thought and nothing funny or lighthearted came to mind.  So I guess a career with Hallmark is not in my future…


Seriously though, I write this blog out of where I am in life.


I find that I can only share from where I am at the time I sit down at my computer.  It’s how I write.  It’s who I am.


But can I share a secret with you?


While I am passionate about writing, I am not a huge fan of blogging.


Nope. Not really.  Not my first choice.


I know what you’re thinking–then why do you do it?  (And you have a valid point, I could use this precious time to knit more sweaters.)


Well, because I am in that place that I call the “middle”.


The Middle: An obscure place. A place where self-discipline must be exercised. Not as exciting as the beginning. And yet still painfully faraway from the end.


The middle carries us from idealistic beginnings to the place where our dreams, our talents and opportunities converge as one path.


The mundane middle.


Middles are the unfortunate necessity of every person following their dreams.  But I find that most people fall away from their goals and never realize their dreams because the middle was much longer than they anticipated.


And if I am honest, the middle has been much longer than I ever expected. 


But the middle is about the process.  It’s the learning curve.  It’s the preparation to be able to handle our dreams.  If we could go from the beginning directly to the end, it would be catastrophic.


My dream isn’t to be the next great tennis player or to start a local coffee shop.  Nope.  My dream is to write epic novels–the kind that have a minimum of 300 pages.


I know.  Why, again, are you writing this blog and not a book?


I have written books, and I continue to do so.  But until I write that one novel that I know is “right” and can be shopped to publishers, I try my best to keep this little blog affair going.


Blogging has allowed me to hone my craft and taught me some essential skills that I would not have gained by banging away on my epic novels and drinking coffee in my pajamas.


I have learned how to tighten up my writing.  I have learned to develop my voice.  I have learned how to accept praise with humility and harsh criticism without tears–all necessary skills for any successful writer.


When I think about “the middle”, there are so many stories of great individuals who come to mind.  But I don’t think there is a story that compares with Joseph.


As a youth, he had dreams of being a great leader.


But his reality was that his brothers threw him into a pit and then sold him into slavery.


That decision brought him to  serve in the home of high-ranking governmental official by the name of Potiphar.


Joseph’s integrity and abilities gained him so much favor with Mr. Potiphar that he was allowed to manage and run the entire household.


This was all good until Potiphar’s wife falsely accused Joseph of trying to take liberties with her.


Joseph was then thrown into prison where he was able to hone his skills as a dream interpreter–a skill set that would eventually bring him before the Pharaoh and would position him as the most powerful ruler in all of Egypt only second to the Pharaoh.


Joseph started out as a young, hopeful boy with many dreams.  They were not realized until he had fulfilled his “middle” via familial abandonment, slavery, household management 101, prison, dream interpretation 101, etc.


Yet it was his middle, his process, his reality that actually equipped him to be a powerful and wise leader of the greatest nation at that time.


Joseph's middle carried him from boyhood into manhood. Click To Tweet


If you are feeling stuck in your middle, I hear you.  I empathize with you.   For many years, I too have felt “stuck” in a nameless world void of purpose and identity that does not mirror my deepest dreams…or anything close to my dreams for that matter.


However, when I acknowledge my reality as the necessary middle rather than a personal attack from the cosmos, I find that I move along at a much quicker pace.


If it’s my choice to stay here in the middle and patiently move in the direction of my dreams one day at a time, then I know that my dreams are inevitable and my heart finds itself hopeful.


If I see myself as a victim of circumstance and my middle as a confirmation that I will never reach my goals, I tend to want to abandon ship and find something that gives me immediate gratification and validation. (…which I have done on numerous occasions, ahem.)


So don’t give up.  Hang in there.  And be grateful for your middle.  It’s the current that will connect you to your dreams.


If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. –Henry David Thoreau


Until next time… Peace. Love. & Truth.


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  1. Perfect! Encouraging! Um, how will we know when we’ve reached the END??!

    1. Haha… great question! You are at the end when you find yourself doing the thing that you have dreamed of for years! And then you will find yourself at a new beginning with a new middle. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    This was thought provoking. Thanks!

  3. Neal Nossaman

    Wonderful and inspiring blog. You are gifted. Thanks for sharing that gift.

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