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Do your opinions outweigh your morals?

January rumbled in like a stomach virus in the night.

We were hit with financial surprises, an emergency room trip and then some more financial surprises.  By January 8th, I was lying face down on the floor and counting down the days to 2018.


On a few occasions, I peeked out from the chaos of my reality and looked around to see how the new year was treating everyone else.


What I found was continued political turmoil in the wake of President-elect Trump’s inauguration.  I had backed away from social media because, frankly, I had had my fill of political opinion, heated commentary and cruel memes.   However in the very few instances I turned on the news or briefly perused Facebook, I couldn’t help but notice there were a lot of women marching–some were inspired, some were sad but many were angry–very angry.


I quickly pulled my head back in.


There were so many marches, protests and riots in 2016, that frankly, I am a still a little wary of parades of pissed off people.


However, to the credit of all the marching women (and men), the protests were peaceful–and for that I am sincerely grateful.  You proved that protesting could actually be civil, responsible and respectful.  So thank you for that.


But… I peeked out one more time to see if there was anything encouraging, anything different than the endless accusations and political angst… and, there was this one post.


It caught my eye and captured my heart.


A friend had this brilliant moment of clarity amidst all of the polarized, political, angry, happy, dramatic and fear-based nonsense that seems to be the new norm for all media.


And I quote Mr. Cody Gross:


Why is it that everything is political and everyone knows so much on here [Facebook]?
My question is what impact are you making in this world?
Are you changing people’s lives for the better?
Do you show love in the darkest circumstances?
Do your views out weigh your morals?
Unity starts with us, a kingdom divided is no kingdom at all…
rant over.




I couldn’t have said it better.


We voice our opinions.  We accuse the “other” side.  We know we are right.


We bicker.  We complain about the state of things.  We rejoice in the failings of our opposition.


We decry opposing viewpoints, defend our positions and relentlessly debate any who disagree.


Oh, and we love, love, love our labels.  They are just so incredibly helpful and life-giving (said no one ever).


But the truth of the matter is that none of us are making much of an impact by virtue of being “right”.


We aren’t changing the world by always having to have the last word.


We simply aren’t…–that includes me (and probably you as well if we are all honest with ourselves).


Which motivates us more: our opinions about how things should be or our daily opportunities to serve others in complete selflessness?


If you are unclear as to if you are part of the problem, consider the majority of your conversations, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. over the last year.


Now consider how many times you went out of your way to help someone, finance something quietly, inconvenience yourself to make life better for another human being over the past year?





We could all benefit from less talk and more doing.



As the Jewish Sages put it “the righteous say little but do much, but the wicked promise much and perform not even a little.”


My translation: The good people aren’t running around spewing at the mouth; they are quietly helping, serving and giving.  They are using their hearts, minds and resources to make a difference.


We are divided as a nation, as states and as communities.  We are divided as the church.  We are divided as families.


When did division become so rampant, and worse, so acceptable?


But Scripture does point out the benefits of unity (in case anyone is still reading…)


How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity!    -Psalm 133:1


Good and pleasant.


Two adjectives that I can not apply to my beloved America as a whole.


Sure there are isolated events, people and circumstances that qualify as both good and pleasant, but we, as a nation, have not even begun to tap into the fullest meaning of these words.


Unity–the prerequisite for good and pleasant.


Service.  Selflessness.  Commitment.  Acts of kindness.  Love.–the prerequisites for unity.


If each of us chose to walk in authentic unity and love, how different would our nation look?


Consider today’s post as a challenge for all of us.


It consists of two parts:


1.) RESIST & REFRAIN from the blame game, political conversations, labeling, grumbling, complaining, pointing fingers etc. If you can’t keep it out of your real-life conversations, then please attempt to at least keep it off social media.


2.) MAKE IT AT LEAST A WEEKLY GOAL to serve someone.  You could pay for the coffee of the car behind you in the drive thru, check on a shut-in neighbor or cook a meal for sick friend.  Yes, it will cost you money, energy and time.


If we really want the world to change (as we all say we do) then we must change the behaviors that aren’t working.


It’s time to reunite.  It’s time to get over ourselves.  It’s time to see one another as people and not “categories”.


It’s time to try something new.


Jesus, my superhero by the way, had strong opinions about issues.  He was vocal.  He set boundaries.  He stood for what he believed.  But He also loved people–all people.  He crossed economic, religious and ethnic boundaries to serve others, to make a difference.


I am not suggesting you give up your deep-rooted beliefs, ideas and values.  Nor do I think that every person should agree.  I most certainly do not agree with everyone on major issues.


Agreement is not the same thing as unity. Click To Tweet


Unity is the coming together of people in spite of the fact that they disagree.  Unity is finding our common ground through love so our atmosphere can be good and pleasant.


I didn’t write this blog post because I have perfected less talk and more doing.


I wrote it out of conviction that has led to self-assessment and reflection.


If only one person is challenged to do more, than I consider this post a success.


As always, I welcome your comments, opinions and thoughts.


Until next time… Peace. Love. & Truth.




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  1. Helen F Kilburn

    Absolutely, hands-down, best thing I’ve read, Melody <3 <3 <3 I am going to share with everybody I can. What you have written has been in my heart and spirit for a very long time. You have put it down in words that truly pierce the heart and open the eyes of anyone blinded by the gods of this world. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful writing skills and your loving heart. Love and Blessings, Helen

    1. Thank you for the kind words Helen. I am glad it spoke to you as well. Blessings!

  2. Yes! I agree wholeheartedly! Make the world a better place so we can peek out more often and see the sunshine more consistently

    1. Yes more sunshine please! 🙂

  3. Kenneth

    I think part of your post was defining what a Christian is suppose to be. ( Christ like ) Peter was always willing to do battle in the name of the Lord only to be rebuked for it. Also the good Samaritan didn’t ask the man he helped if he had the same political beliefs.

    1. Yes… you bring up a great point about the good Samaritan.

  4. Carla

    Well said. I appreciate you insight and thoughts.

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